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 The most intense ever!

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Insanity Tim
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PostSubject: Re: The most intense ever!   Fri Nov 24, 2006 10:40 am

"To whom do ye ascribe yourselves?"

Instantly my mind reverted to all those years of training. The Master Seargents often had often asked us this question as my company began its daily activities. Back then, I wondered why they make us perform such a seeminly meaningless task. Now I knew.

"To the one and true King."

The servant opened the door for Omri and me and went back to his usual activities. We entered and were astonished by what we found. Hidden in this dank and dreary building was a military outpost! Omri and I found our former comrades and other officers studying charts and maps on the walls. Servants milled about bearing food and tea and brought us some. As we approached the charts, we overheard one of the officers muttering that the Shift set up a fortress 40 miles south of here. When we drew close, one of the officers turned and saw us.

With a big grin he said, "...
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PostSubject: Re: The most intense ever!   Sun Dec 03, 2006 1:28 am

"Ahh! Just in time for the preparations! We will start when-"

He was cut off as the door next to us creaked open, and a pair of beady eyes wreathed in a sea of white fur emerged. Arnell and I both stared, unsure of what to expect. The scraggly old man underneath the hair laughed heartily, and his entire face seemed to come alive as his beard shook around him.

I shot Omri a quizzical glance, but his knowing smile reassured me. To my suprise, he stood up to greet the ancient man before us.

"Steve! My friend, whatever took you so long?"

I was shocked that Omri knew this man, possibly from the Old Age. Suddenly my 263 years seemed like nothing at all. By the silver eagles pinned on his shoulders and the nametag on his breast, I could tell the old man was Colonel Vandenburg. Omri had often mentioned Vandenburg's military prowess during strategy lessons, but I never knew Omri actually knew the man. Colonel Vandenburg smiled at me and began to offer an explanation .

"Back when I was a Major in Iraq, Omri here was fresh from boot camp. He was one of my best soldiers."

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PostSubject: Re: The most intense ever!   Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:43 pm

Omri gave a slow chuckle and grinned, “More like your craziest soldier.”

“Crazy?” replied Vandenburg, “You fought like a man with fire ants up his shorts! But you were my best soldier because you knew when to follow orders, and when to break them. Those children would have died if you hadn’t – “

“Enough of that. I only did what had to be done,” Omri turned to me with a grin as he said, “You mustn’t think this old loon is made of all serious stuff. Ask him about the chocolate bunny and the camel spider sometime!”

The two friends threw their heads back and laughed as each remembered the joyful times they had shared together in the past. I remembered an ancient saying then, about the King being the author of joy, and smiled as well.

At last Vandenburg grew more serious and said to us, “And now, we shall get to the business at hand…”
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PostSubject: Re: The most intense ever!   

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The most intense ever!
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