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PostSubject: Theivery!   Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:03 pm

Someone has stolen Kumchatka's Legendary broken Sword!!

No kidding, it was taken out of my van sometime since this Saturday....A few speculate that it is not, in fact stolen, and simply misplaced but this is not the case.

Either way...I've lost not only a great prop, but a really cool item that I'd hoped to keep for many years to come.....

So, production was halted a bit today and a large battle sequence was not filmed. However, a replacement sword is being sent from New York (when we found Kumchatka's sword, we also found a smaller, one handed sword, also broken.)

So, when you perceptive fans notice the sword changing toward the end of the not be alarmed, but feel privileged that now you know....the rest of the story.
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